Corporate Branding Services in Japan

For many global brands, Japan remains an unknown quantity. Many still regard the Japanese market as one that is extremely difficult to penetrate with new products and ideas. This is true to some extent because Japanese companies, whether large corporations or small to medium sized enterprises are highly competitive and if you are involved in the same business niche, they will have a massive competitive edge due to their good knowledge of the market and consumer culture.  Some business leaders’ thinking is still shaped by the view of corporate Japan as one dominated by the Keiretsu corporations and lifetime employment and client loyalty but this far from the truth. It is very easy to build a lasting brand value in Japan if you a corporate branding partner that is well attuned to the unique demands of the Japanese consumer.


To succeed in the Japanese market, you cannot simply follow old business models for a new market. Instead, you must localize the brand to the Japanese market and that requires a deep understanding of the culture, language and consumer habits and trends. This process may involve adding some tweaks to the identity of your brand before you launch your products in the marketplace.  You must also make modifications to your sales messages and sales strategies so as to have a greater impact in the market.

The Japanese consumer is one unique quality that many brands must pay attention to. This is the fact that they are very meticulous or detail oriented. Many consumers in Japan look for exclusivity and the ultimate quality and they are also willing to pay a good price for good quality and exclusive products.  Corporate branding in Japan must thus include a good amount of detail and the product must also be printed. Printed materials are a very key part of the Japanese corporate branding culture. This has to do with the fact that the Japanese love reading.  If you happen to be in a subway in Japan, one of the things you will notice is the large number of people who immersed in some kind of literature.  Your corporate branding in Japan is must thus incorporate a large number of printed materials which contain detailed information about the products and its functions. That means you must invest in detailed brochures, instruction guides, flyers, manuals and booklets amongst others to market your products as part of your branding strategy.

To make sure you do not run a clueless company branding campaign, local knowledge and expertise is essential so that you do not commit the numerous gaffes that many companies find themselves in while entering the Japanese market.  Wellenetz Inc provides one of the most professional corporate branding services for companies seeking to get a foothold in the Japanese market. With its deep knowledge of country and culture, Wellenetz Inc has turned brand-building in Japan into an art, rolling consecutive brand campaigns for numerous clients. The company’s philosophy has always been to deliver services that are in clients’ best interest and that means you are always assured of incredible success as you work to penetrate the Japanese market with new products and services. For more information or inquiries visit the company’s website at

Post Author: Shannon Pierce