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Choosing an SEO company to help optimize your website involves looking at the area of specialization and track record of the company. However, there is one aspect that business owners tend to overlook and even deem unnecessary – personality. It is important to invest time to get to know the team working on your website’s backlink building project before you choose to hire them. This will ensure that their work principles are in line with the visions and goals of your company. At the same time, knowing a bit about their personality will help establish chemistry between both parties. This is why you should spend time to get to know Ardor Media Factory and the people behind it.
About Ardor Media Factory
Ardor Media Factory is a dedicated team of SEO specialists who are the best at their own fields. All members of the team are dedicated SEO professionals, not just outsourced individuals. Hence, you can guarantee that they will be able to put in the work and time needed to get your business to where it needs to be. The company also offers a comprehensive array of SEO services, not just link building. Hence, you can tap the company to handle your SEO, article and content marketing, citations and social media marketing – whatever you need, Ardor Media Factory has it! But that is just scratching the surface; wait until you meet the man who is behind Ardor Media Factory!
Coolest Guy in SEO Kris Reid from Ardor Media Factory
No, this isn’t a self-claiming pronouncement – anyone who has met Kris Reid would agree that he is indeed a cool guy. But aside from that, he is the founder and CEO of Ardor Media Factory. If you want to get to know Ardor Media Factory, you need to learn more about Kris Reid. His career started in Australia wherein he studied software engineering. When he completed his study, Ardor Media Factory’s Kris Reid traveled the world. When he was out of job in London, he studied internet marketing and SEO until he decided to take a knack at this industry. And as they say, the rest is history. Kris is now slowly becoming recognized as one of the top CEOs in the SEO world. He has put together a company that has helped several online businesses reach their dream of making it to the top of the search engines. And he promises to do the same for your business.
Ardor Media Factory is a result of 6 years of hard work for Kris Reid. He utilized those years to also grow his knowledge and experience to become one of the best in the SEO world. As evidence of its growth, he has expanded operations across various parts of Asia including Cambodia, which is the latest of his ventures.
If you’re not sure which backlink building or SEO company to hire, try to get to know Ardor Media Factory. On top of their recognition in the industry as one of the top performing companies, you will be dealing with individuals who treat their clients like friends. And like any good friend, they want you to succeed in your endeavors! To meet the rest of the team, check out

Post Author: Shannon Pierce