How to create an unforgettable event without too much risk

How do you put together an event that is sure to get talked about? Is there any way for you to create an unforgettable event without having to worry about things that are going wrong? There is a way and if you check out, you will see exactly how worry-free events can be done.


When you plan an event, anything can happen. A sudden downpour can ruin and cancel it for you, leaving you with bills to pay and an event that can go down in history as an expensive disaster. While you cannot stop the rain from happening, you can prevent the possibility of losing money on such an event with the help of adverse weather insurance.

What is adverse weather insurance?

As the name implies, adverse weather insurance covers any losses that may stem from the cancellation of events and happenings due to downpours and other unpredictable weather conditions. Since events cost money and a lot of these can lose even more money if it does not go well due to inclement weather, having the event insured in case of such a thing from happening is a good idea. It helps you recover any losses that may be incurred due to the cancellation of an event because of the weather.

An example of this would be the cancellation of an outdoor concert when a sudden downpour occurs just as the concert begins. Since you have patrons who purchased tickets, rental equipment to pay for, and performers that expect their talent fee regardless of whether they perform or not, losses can be massive when this happens. With adverse weather insurance, you will be covered from such losses.

Prize indemnity and prize insurance

If you’ve been to an event where people are promised a massive prize for performing an almost impossible sports feat, you will know that rarely does anyone ever get the big prize. Examples of these are half-court shots in basketball made by a member of the audience and goals against a known goalie made by someone picked from the crowd at random. The prize that is offered to anyone who succeeds often reaches hundreds of thousands and even millions. There are even prizes that include sports cars, rare motorcycles, and even expensive vacations.

These are often promotional events that rarely result in someone winning the massive prize. If you are planning such an event, it can draw big crowds since it does come with a chance of winning something large. If someone however hits that shot, then you are obligated to award the person the promised prize.

In this instance, you need a company that can cover the prize for you if the shot does happen. If you look at, you will find that there is a way for you to be protected from such a thing happening and they will cover the prize for you when it does. You can promote such an event without worrying if someone does succeed at the impossible task you’ve set for it.

Oz Prize and Weather is a company that helps you take the worry out of bad weather, huge prize winnings, and other things that can incur losses for you during your event. Stop worrying and start enjoying your event by getting it insured before it happens. Visit to find out how they can help.

Post Author: Shannon Pierce